Dany Bahar, the Marketing Genius

Many may have heard the term marketing gurus. These are specialists in the marketing field dedicated to bringing a change through their work and their unique perspective and philosophy regarding marketing. Dany Bahar is one such marketing guru or marketing genius. He is currently owner to Ares but Dany Bahar has contributed a lot of his work in the industry in the past. He has promoted globally renowned brands in his life which is no easy feat. He seems to have talent for marketing rather than just having the skills.

Had it not been Bahar and his “marketing genius” talent, RedBull and Ferrari would not have been so globally renowned today. When RedBull snagged Dany Bahar up in 2005, he was already practicing his career in sports marketing, but he did not just deliver his work like he previously did – he actually managed to make RedBull a globally recognized brand.

After RedBull, Dany Bahar moved to Ferrari in 2007, becoming their Senior VP for the Commercial and Brand deparment and his work – or maybe talent – developed Ferrari as a world class name too. Ferrari and RedBull both owe a lot of their success to the marketing genius, who is Dany Bahar.

Now the marketing genius owns his own company, Ares, which is an Italian tuning firm – the company already is off to a promising start. This, of course, is no surprise; with a founder who is a marketing genius, nothing less could be expected from Dany Bahar’s company.

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