Dany Bahar Views Failure as Strength, Not a Weakness

Dany Bahar is a person who has it all. He has talent, he has skills, he has tremendous experience and perhaps he even has luck. While all of these play major parts in Dany Bahar’s success, he has something more that makes him so successful in the marketing industry and this is his philosophy towards his work. He did not just become a professional in the field and immediately hit success – many people earn degrees and enter fields like he does, but not many rise up to the level of Dany Bahar. This is because of Bahar’s philosophy, his perspective of viewing failure as strength, and not a weakness.

Dany Bahar is the name behind RedBull’s global acclamation and it is also Dany Bahar who made Ferrari a world class name. Working for both these companies, he did not only use his profession and skill but rather his philosophy and strength. Whenever he saw that the company he was working for was failing slightly, he would immediately work to bring it back up and managing to raise it even higher than before. It is a beautiful and excellent way of believing in a business and Dany Bahar is great at it.

In this quote by Dany Bahar, “You need to experience failure in order to succeed. You learn very little when everything is going perfectly” we can understand just how he views the prospect of brand marketing. He uses everything as a weapon, as a source of learning and that is a foolproof philosophy. In another quote, Bahar said, “When things don’t go to plan, that’s sometimes when people perform the best.” From this, it is obvious just how Dany views himself, and how he is driven to do the best when he is at a low.

Dany Bahar is now the owner of Ares and it holds a vast and promising future – when a company has a founder like Bahar, success becomes predictable, but of course, it is not the name but rather the work that ensures the success of Ares.


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