The Beginning of the Marketing Genius: Dany Bahar

Dany Bahar is famous all over the world for his work in the field of business. He is a brand marketer and his work has been described as “anything he touches, turns to gold” which is an apt description, seeing the success Dany Bahar has seen. He has an education in finance and marketing, but unlike so many who earn education in these fields too, Dany Bahar actually managed to make it to the top and is now known as a marketing genius and guru.

Every successful person has a “first big break” – that moment when success enters their life. So does Dany Bahar, although he actually has two first big breaks. One was when he saw the chance and persuaded Benetton to back a sponsorship investment for a marathon and that proved to be a huge success. The other was when he Fritz Kaiser took him for his wealth management company and Dany Bahar moved to Lichtenstein to work for Fritz. His work there delivered him into the Formula 1 industry and he also got within reach of the co-founder of Red Bull. Both these events are turning points toward success in Bahar’s life.

Working for RedBull, Dany Bahar made one of his biggest achievements by managing to take RedBull to an international level. In 2007, he did somewhat the same for Ferrari by creating another division within the company, which proved to make Ferrari famous worldwide. These are by far his biggest achievements but they happened because of his hard work, endeavors, and right decisions early on in life.

Right from the start he has been off on a good foot. This is not because of luck or miracles but because of his hard work. Many use the story of Dany Bahar as an inspiration and many thriving marketers follow his lead.

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