Dany Bahar, a Marketer at Heart

Dany Bahar was born in Turkey in 1971 and moved to Switzerland when he was a child and from then on, received an education in marketing and finance. His life surely began ordinarily enough and to some extent, his education is pretty ordinary too – many people earn education in marketing and finance. But not all raised above like Dany Bahar did. The sole reason behind his success is that Dany Bahar is a true marketer at heart.

Many people believe that Dany Bahar became famous because of his good luck. Anywhere that he goes, he meets success. This is true actually; Dany’s life surely has been a constant uphill ride, where he met success after success. But rather than luck, it is Bahar’s talent that made him what he is today. Marketing is not just in his mind but also in his heart. This can be proved by seeing the way he works.

A marketer is a person that works to promote a brand, product, or service. A good marketer is a person that uses his experience and knowledge in marketing. A GREAT marketer is the one who not only uses his experience and expertise but also focuses on devising strategies. This is who Dany Bahar is. He puts his heart and mind to marketing and that is why he took RedBull to such a high level and Ferrari to a world class level. He works by strategies, he uses methods and techniques, and twists failures into successes – all of which make his name that of a true marketing guru.

Dany Bahar has seen – or more accurately, made – success at a very early stage in his life and it is yet to see what other milestones he will achieve in the future.

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