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Who Is This Man Dany Bahar?

Dany Bahar has featured in the media many times in the past, at times for his exemplary performance and also for the wrong reasons. This is the man who moved Ferrari’s marketing to an online platform and the same man who was fired from Lotus for embezzling company funds. In 2012, it is said he took the money to renovate his private house and spent a lot on his luxurious airplane and cars against the company policy. Worst of all, the rumours of the day were that he steered the company towards a no profits zone that almost led to the collapse of the company. But do you wonder who darling Danny really is? Where he is currently or what he is doing? This is all about him;

Personal life

Dany was born in a humble Turkish home in 1971 but grew up in Switzerland. His parents were just like any other parent struggling to bring up their children. They had to work to survive. His mother used to clean hotels while his dad was an electrician. His hardworking parents are little known but theirs was a great impact in his formative years. As he grew up he witnessed how they never gave up but kept on with a firm belief in a better tomorrow. Young Dany Bahar took up their charisma, become motivated and made it his ambition to look for opportunities that life offers to achieve the impossible. He then proceeded to study Economics and Marketing in the university and made marketing a career. He is a family man married to Annette and together they have three boys. Bahar lives in Dubai now.

Past achievements

This is a man who has overcome many challenges till he has risen to the top of the ladder in his marketing career. He is well known for his unique contributions in the sports car industry particularly at Red Bull and Ferrari. As the head of these companies, he saw all the departments work with great ingenuity in handling innovations, licensing, marketing and production and at the end superb results. This pushed the brands to their highest productive levels and today they are a favourite of many. His ambitions then landed him in Lotus where he proposed the five Esprit supercars to turn around the dwindling future of the company. Unfortunately, before he could realize his plans, lotus was sold to DRB-Hicom and this new owners did not accept his mode of operation. They termed the project as very expensive and could not fund it especially at that time. He was then unfairly sacked bringing his tenure to an abrupt end. This led to a court battle that saw him well settled by both Lotus and DRB-Hicom. Currently, he is a happy man running ARES in Italy which he founded this year. He is steering it to achieve a great reputation like other big brands he has previously worked with.

Project ARES

(Bahar, stands far left, is with ARES staff)

Dany has many investments among them the hatch and watch businesses. But his latest project continues to amaze the world in his quest for producing the best sports cars. Today he is working on his new tuning business based in Modena that revolutionizes the industry further. And he has handpicked his employees to transform the dream into life. He has in his team the likes of MihaiPanaitescu a top notch designer and Wolf Zimmerman both of whom he has previously worked with. Together they are working towards refurbishing cars to fit the unique specifications of their customers.

To begin with, they intend to raise the quality of big cars like the Range rover and Bentley Continental GT and later on Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and others for clients in China, Middle East countries and Russia. They specifically target customers with two qualities. They should have a lot of money and at the same time seek a unique car that cannot be matched to any other in the market. Dany Bahar and his team will then carefully rebuild the cars which will satisfy the given preferences. However, they do not intend to interfere with the car’s skeleton though later on they hope to make their own brand cars from scratch. Does this mean that we will have a Mercedes with some Range Rover features? We need to wait and see the extent of the makeover proposed. And will Danny’s new venture really kick off to bring in the high returns he envisions? Is it a competition to reckon with in the future? Many are the speculations but time will tell.

In this project Dany provides the entrepreneurial mind while his staffs are the technical brains-as engineers or designers. This is obvious as he has ever confessed his interest in the car business is solely entrepreneurial. Come next year, they hope to achieve tremendous growth after partnering with a willing USA investor. His is sure a tall order but knowing the kind of man he is, he may eventually pull this off.

Understanding his working mind

Bahar is a friendly and realistic guy who readily risks starting what is totally new just to get the best in the car business. Realistic because he read the situation at Lotus correctly and then went ahead to recommend his “far fetched” project. This may or may not have worked but the truth is that Lotus needed a change in order to survive in business. It needed to diversify or bring in other models. He is determined and moves the mountains to fulfil his ambitions. And like other leaders, his working style wins him both friends and foes.


His diverse work experiences have equipped him well to be the man he is today. He carefully strategizes before embarking on a launch as he did in his latest project. For eight months they watched and learnt the market before their debut. Dany Bahar is therefore an icon to keep watching and to learn from as we follow the achievements of others like him in the world. He is another Kisoyanki or Ben Carson.

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Former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar Returns As Boss Of Modena Tuning Firm

In time past, people do not often talked about the word brand or trademark. People usually concentrate on the manufacture of a product. For instance, Philip television, Kenwood stereo, Sharp sound system and just to mention a few. Presently, the new innovation of the word ‘make’ is now called brand. Branding is as well applicable to the auto industry. Do you know that Dany Bahar has helped so many vehicle manufacturers to attain a good brand name? Do you know that Dany Bahar is really one of the best marketers in the world today? Is your quest on Dany Bahar’s personal life, career and achievements? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you to more Dany Bahar more.


Believe it or not, every guru sets out to achieve a brand name from day one. Every born guru wants to create a brand and make sure that people are immediately identifying its advertising jingle, logo or any related term associated to memory. Do you know that brand gurus are a special breed of individuals? This is because these gurus have fabricated and developed a product until it becomes a well-known name and respected among other people. To be factual, real brand gurus are few in our present world. These gurus aspirations remain to rise above all others without the result of extra training, but rather in the uniqueness of their products. Dany Bahar, Group Lotus’s CEO is one special man with such uniqueness. Dany Bahar is known by some people in the business or finance industry as an enigma. Nevertheless, Dany Bahar is one of the best brand gurus in the world today. You may ask, why is Dany Bahar often referred to as an enigma? It is probably because Dany Bahar has through much of his present ambition and career promoting some of the world’s most well-known brands.


Dany Bahar has presently moved on to some other projects. The first project that Dany Bahar is presently handling is a new turning house called Ares. Ares can be likened to the powerful Greek ancient god of war. The new turning house is in Modena, Italy, a place where Dany Bahar has spent time while at Ferrari. Dany Bahar introduced several people who worked with him in his past projects. This can be found in the likes of a designing engineer and a gamut of selected managers. From a reliable source, it is clear that Mihai Panaitescu a 26-year old designer previously contributed about 4 of the 5 future Lotus’s projects executed under Bahar’s regime at the company. Presently, the 26-year old designer is offered a contract to re-conceptualize several projects involving top-notch sports and luxury cars at Ares.


As part of his biography, Dany Bahar remains a Turkish by birth and nurtured in Swiss. The Swiss-raised Bahar’s Ares Performance will provide clients with a car that have never been fabricated before. Dany Bahar is a marketing guru who is ready to express the immediate desire of consumers through personalisation. He mentioned that individualisation is becoming popular these days. At RedBull, Dany Bahar was first noticed as a marketer. Dany Bahar has the ability of driving the activities of the hugely successful racing group. He has been improving his brand magic strategies to change the world into an inline skating. It was his marketing ability that attracted Lotus for a contract. Through the enthusiasm of Dany Bahar, so many brands have been created and nurtured until they finally became phenomenal global successes. From research and feasibility study, records have shown that Dany is the man who personally held RedBull by the horns and finally made it a global brand. Records have perfectly shown that Dany’s first insinuation while working with RedBull was to introduce a deal to use Ferrari engines,


With just two years in RedBull, Dany Bahar has incredibly increased the profile of the company. He brought in global awareness for RedBull and made the company gain tremendous reputation as presently known. In 2007, Dany Bahar drifted his contract to Ferrari where he became a senior VP for the brand and commercial departments. However, he created a new division within the company that developed and managed the Ferrari brand around the globe. With his highly invested knowledge, Dany Bahar headed service and sales on the production aspects of the company. He remained an icon on licensing, marketing and merchandising for the F1 team. Through the inimitable way of Dany Bahar, he was able to tweak and shape the brand and the name Ferrari today trips off the tongues of enthusiasts. With Dany Bahar’s strategies and hard work, the famous prancing horse logo is now found in so many homes around the world.




Dany Bahar has always mentioned that everyone has the opportunity to aspire to greater levels and as well to be inspired. For this reason, his slogan ‘why not’ is always alive in the present world of marketing. Dany Bahar’s achievements, career, and personal life is like a Wikipedia for everyone to learn. In his Wiki archive, you are sure to discover the question that reads; who says you can’t have dreams in today’s business environment? Whoever does not have a vision will also lack ambition. Whoever does not have an ambition will also not regard their lives. It is excruciating that some people may not be able to see above the horizon. The lack of self-confidence and experience should never prevent anyone from trying or picking up opportunities. Great minds such as John F Kennedy, IBM founder, Microsoft and many more have been able to pick up opportunities and have created remarkable landmark in the world today. Dany Bahar has proven this through his professional and personal life. The word ‘can’t’ is obsolete Dany Bahar mentioned. Dany Bahar is truly a marketing guru of our time who is ready to take negative thoughts and turn them to wonder-working positive solutions. You can always learn from the boldness Bahar has towards accomplishing his goals.

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Dany Bahar, the Marketing Genius

Many may have heard the term marketing gurus. These are specialists in the marketing field dedicated to bringing a change through their work and their unique perspective and philosophy regarding marketing. Dany Bahar is one such marketing guru or marketing genius. He is currently owner to Ares but Dany Bahar has contributed a lot of his work in the industry in the past. He has promoted globally renowned brands in his life which is no easy feat. He seems to have talent for marketing rather than just having the skills.

Had it not been Bahar and his “marketing genius” talent, RedBull and Ferrari would not have been so globally renowned today. When RedBull snagged Dany Bahar up in 2005, he was already practicing his career in sports marketing, but he did not just deliver his work like he previously did – he actually managed to make RedBull a globally recognized brand.

After RedBull, Dany Bahar moved to Ferrari in 2007, becoming their Senior VP for the Commercial and Brand deparment and his work – or maybe talent – developed Ferrari as a world class name too. Ferrari and RedBull both owe a lot of their success to the marketing genius, who is Dany Bahar.

Now the marketing genius owns his own company, Ares, which is an Italian tuning firm – the company already is off to a promising start. This, of course, is no surprise; with a founder who is a marketing genius, nothing less could be expected from Dany Bahar’s company.

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Dany Bahar Views Failure as Strength, Not a Weakness

Dany Bahar is a person who has it all. He has talent, he has skills, he has tremendous experience and perhaps he even has luck. While all of these play major parts in Dany Bahar’s success, he has something more that makes him so successful in the marketing industry and this is his philosophy towards his work. He did not just become a professional in the field and immediately hit success – many people earn degrees and enter fields like he does, but not many rise up to the level of Dany Bahar. This is because of Bahar’s philosophy, his perspective of viewing failure as strength, and not a weakness.

Dany Bahar is the name behind RedBull’s global acclamation and it is also Dany Bahar who made Ferrari a world class name. Working for both these companies, he did not only use his profession and skill but rather his philosophy and strength. Whenever he saw that the company he was working for was failing slightly, he would immediately work to bring it back up and managing to raise it even higher than before. It is a beautiful and excellent way of believing in a business and Dany Bahar is great at it.

In this quote by Dany Bahar, “You need to experience failure in order to succeed. You learn very little when everything is going perfectly” we can understand just how he views the prospect of brand marketing. He uses everything as a weapon, as a source of learning and that is a foolproof philosophy. In another quote, Bahar said, “When things don’t go to plan, that’s sometimes when people perform the best.” From this, it is obvious just how Dany views himself, and how he is driven to do the best when he is at a low.

Dany Bahar is now the owner of Ares and it holds a vast and promising future – when a company has a founder like Bahar, success becomes predictable, but of course, it is not the name but rather the work that ensures the success of Ares.


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Strategies Dany Bahar Works By

Every good marketer and entrepreneur has strategies that they try to implement in order to achieve success. Dany Bahar, being both, a highly successful marketer and a promising entrepreneur, also has strategies and techniques that he likes to work by. These strategies are probably the reason behind making the name of Dany Bahar so renowned in the field of business. Dany Bahar has been subject to many interviews that have revealed a lot of his strategies that make him who he is today.

To relate some of the major strategies Dany Bahar works by, the foremost one is definitely the fact that he uses failures as chances to step higher. This is a rather clichéd strategy but not many implement it; Bahar does. The proof of this is seeing how he took RedBull from a medium to an ultimate high. Another strategy he works by is prioritizing. He stated in an interview that prioritizing is key and many entrepreneurs overlook it. If only they prioritized their work, everything would be a lot more functional. We can safely assume Bahar is doing a lot of prioritizing for Ares! And lastly is his most famous brand marketing strategy: Make the brand influence people rather than let the people influence the brand. This is a strong strategy and effective too, seeing Dany Bahar’s success in brand marketing. People who look up to Dany will definitely benefit if they attempt to follow up on the strategies he uses.

Additionally, above all else, Dany Bahar believes in a unique approach to everything. Looking at things from a different perspective is an effective way of marketing and entrepreneurship. The market needs diversity and Dany Bahar manages to provide that and so much more with all his strategies.

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The Beginning of the Marketing Genius: Dany Bahar

Dany Bahar is famous all over the world for his work in the field of business. He is a brand marketer and his work has been described as “anything he touches, turns to gold” which is an apt description, seeing the success Dany Bahar has seen. He has an education in finance and marketing, but unlike so many who earn education in these fields too, Dany Bahar actually managed to make it to the top and is now known as a marketing genius and guru.

Every successful person has a “first big break” – that moment when success enters their life. So does Dany Bahar, although he actually has two first big breaks. One was when he saw the chance and persuaded Benetton to back a sponsorship investment for a marathon and that proved to be a huge success. The other was when he Fritz Kaiser took him for his wealth management company and Dany Bahar moved to Lichtenstein to work for Fritz. His work there delivered him into the Formula 1 industry and he also got within reach of the co-founder of Red Bull. Both these events are turning points toward success in Bahar’s life.

Working for RedBull, Dany Bahar made one of his biggest achievements by managing to take RedBull to an international level. In 2007, he did somewhat the same for Ferrari by creating another division within the company, which proved to make Ferrari famous worldwide. These are by far his biggest achievements but they happened because of his hard work, endeavors, and right decisions early on in life.

Right from the start he has been off on a good foot. This is not because of luck or miracles but because of his hard work. Many use the story of Dany Bahar as an inspiration and many thriving marketers follow his lead.

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